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Kits, Science & Learning > Kits, Science & Learning > Electronic Project Kits > Control & Automation
CAT. NO. KC5476
  RRP $39.90
Tempmaster Fridge Controller Mk II

Tempmaster Fridge Controller Mk II

Refer: Silicon Chip Magazine February 2009Want to convert an old chest freezer into an energy-efficient fridge or beer keg fridge? Or convert a spare standard fridge into a wine cooler? These are just two of the jobs this low-cost and easy-to-build electronic thermostat kit will do. It can also be used to control 12V fridges or freezers, as well as heaters in hatcheries and fish tanks. It controls the fridge/freezer or heater directly via their power cables, so there’s no need to modify the internal wiring. Short-form kit contains PCB, sensor and all specified components. You'll need to add your own 240V GPO, switched IEC socket and case.
  1+ $39.90
  5+ $35.40
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